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CELEBRON can provide qualified help and support by:

  • Setting up a feasibility study for the launch of new business ventures, including the managing of their development and the tutoring of the company and entrepreneur
  • Analyzing the current and prospective assets, financial position and income situation, resulting in an accurate value measurement
  • Assisting the company during periods of extraordinary development (e.g. acquisitions, disposals, industrial of financial renovations)
  • Researching financial partners: we can help the company obtain funding from investment funds or the banking system.
  • Providing localization services to foreign companies that wish to relocate in Italy, offering linguistic support and legal advice
  • Helping Italian companies in the internationalization process (providing market research and linguistic support), especially in China

Our company implements these services both through direct involvement of our partners and thanks to the help of a team of highly-qualified and highly-specialized professionals. CELBRON’s consultants are defined by their willingness to support the client not only in the “planning” part, but also in the “operational” phase of the projects, taking active part in the implementations of the solutions we propose. Ours is a motivated, skilled and knowledgeable staff: conscious of the significance and the strategic nature of the projects they take part in, they constantly strive for the best results, putting all their effort, care and creativity in their work.


cosafacciamoMarcello-FerrainaMarcello Ferraina – Strategy Manager – Celebron Srl

The modern society is constantly shifting and evolving, and, in such an environment, a company’s strategic choices can’t still be linked to values or thoughts that belong in the past, but they need to be reconsidered and redefined. We need to be new “entrepreneurs”, capable of developing innovative ideas, managing new projects and facing the challenges posed by the market.

To achieve this goal the most important ability we need to develop is RESILIENCY, which is to say that we need to be able to overcome the hardships that every person is called to face while, at the same time, keeping up our self-esteem, our efficacy and our ability to listen, evaluate, make decision and lead the others.

An entrepreneur often finds himself in high-risk or unstable situations, in which he needs to define an action plan that comes both from his mind and from his heart; he needs to be connected to his own self and to envision the future he wants to create. One of the most important assets for an entrepreneur is the ability to keep up his morale and his energy, to reshape his thoughts and feeling when faced with new difficulties and obstacles.  A resilient entrepreneur imagines a different future, creates energy and can pass it on to the people around him. A resilient entrepreneur is in touch with REALITY, but is also gifted with EMPATHY, INTUITION and with his own ENLIGHTENED VIEW.



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