Our consulting services are targeted to any kind of company or organization and our goal is to show them the right path to follow, the best management tools and solutions to help them reach excellent results and maintain their profits and durability on the market.

CELEBRON’s staff skills are highly specialized and complementary to each other. This allows us to fulfil the frequent needs of our clients when it comes to analyze and solve their administrative and management problems.

To the entrepreneur and his management, we offer constant support in designing a suitable business plan. The process would start from a thorough assessment of their situation, that could help them improve their company performances towards an increase in profits.

In order to enlarge the market, we also work with distributors, offering companies the chance to sell their products and pointing out to them any innovative and potentially valuable products on the global market.

The services we offer, combined with the skills and experience of our staff and with our independent nature, our adaptability, our agile and flexible structure, brought us to a quick market penetration and to the creation of long-term relationships with our clients.

Making your company more competitive in the tech world

Innovation is the most important driver for your company growth and development.

Nowadays, being capable of innovating products and methods has become a necessity: it represents the only way to become more competitive, to reach the target market and face the challenges of contemporary society.

We wish to help you realize your innovation dreams, and that’s why we offer:

  • State-of-the-art technologies
  • The help of our scientific partners
  • Staff training (whether they are directly or indirectly related to the R&D project)
  • Our help in obtaining funding for innovation and training activities related to the implementation of an innovative technology.


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